Casey Willax X Lago Snowboards Double Barrel
Casey Willax X Lago Snowboards Double Barrel

Lago Snowboards

Casey Willax X Lago Snowboards Double Barrel

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The Casey Willax pro model.

This is Casey's second pro model. Casey remains grateful and stoked for the opportunity and we feel the same! From Casey:

"A board that doesn't need any break in period, and is good for every rider of all skill levels! From rails to jumps to all mountains, it's a dream come true!"

This board is a twin tip and one of the lightest and toughest boards available. It features pre-cured carbon stringers with Triax glass, a P-tex 4000 base, and a super lightweight Paulownia wood core. It has a ton of snap to help you ollie slow signs and clear gaps. We designed it with a blunted nose and tail to reduce swing weight. For example, a 159cm will spin like a 155cm…giving you the advantage to get spins around. 

Scotty says: “The blunted nose and tail are sick…they not only look sick but have a real advantage when doing a trick.  


Why Asymmetric matters? 

Have you noticed it's harder to turn heel side than toe side? It's because we aren't quite symmetrical when it comes to our front and back (duh). An asymmetrical board helps compensate for our bodies asymmetry by having a deeper side cut on the heel side edge and improves balance, maneuverability and helps you lay down tighter heel side turns.