The Shred Stick

A true twin with a blunted nose that decreases swing weight while increasing lift in slushy or pow conditions.

2019 Lago Snowboards Shred Stick Blunted True Twin

Sidecut has a mellow reverse radius that increases grip underfoot and a rocker specific sidecut that is mellow between the feet and tighter by the nose & tail to layout trenches and still is easy to maneuver. 

Hybrid Rocker:
Mellow Rocker in the middle (purple) transitioning into camber(black) under the binding and mellowing/flattening out at the tip(green).

Camber Profile 2019 Lago Snowboard Shred Stick

Dual radius nose/tail with a gentle floating scoop(purple) and a more aggressive pop with a tighter radius(black). 

Great overall Pop and great grip while still having an effortless rocker ride from park to pow!

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