Lago Snowboards Shred Stick
Lago Snowboards Shred Stick

Lago Snowboards

Lago Snowboards Shred Stick

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This season, we're introducing a new shape to the Lago Snowboards line up...

Its a rocker board but has camber where you need it...underneath your feet and the effective edges. Giving you the perfect balance of control and effortless riding.

Hybrid Rocker: 
Mellow Rocker in the middle (purple) transitioning into camber (black) under the binding and flattening out at the tip (green).
Camber Profile 2019 Lago Snowboard Shred Stick

Dual radius nose/tail with a gentle floating scoop (purple) and a more aggressive pop with a tighter radius (black). 

A true twin tip with a blunted nose for function and style points. 
2019 Lago Snowboards Shred Stick Blunted True Twin

 Great overall Pop and great grip while still having an effortless rocker ride from park to pow!