Double Barrel
Double Barrel
Double Barrel

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Double Barrel

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The Lago Snowboards Double Barrel is Scotty Lago’s board of choice. 

This board is a twin tip and one of the lightest and toughest boards available. It features pre-cured carbon stringers with Triax glass, a P-tex 4000 base, and a super lightweight Paulownia wood core. It has a ton of snap to help you ollie slow signs and clear gaps. We designed it with a blunted nose and tail to reduce swing weight. For example, a 159cm will spin like a 155cm…giving you the advantage to get spins around. 

Scotty says: “The blunted nose and tail are sick…they not only look sick but have a real advantage when doing a trick.  

If you break it, we will get you a new one!* 

Shout out to Forloh for lending their epic camo for this year's graphic.


Why Asymmetric matters? 

Have you noticed it's harder to turn heel side than toe side? It's because we aren't quite symmetrical when it comes to our front and back (duh). An asymmetrical board helps compensate for our bodies asymmetry by having a deeper side cut on the heel side edge and improves balance, maneuverability and helps you lay down tighter heel side turns.


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edge king

love the way this thing lays down on groomers. holds edges very well. also handles backcountry drops like a champ. stiff enough to drop 20ft and pull off no worries. 5 stars forsure!! thanks scotty!!

nicholas h.
United States United States

All Mountain Gem

I am loving my new Lago Double Barrel 156W. At 57 years old and still riding hard & fast since 1985, just without the tricks. I needed a board that can carve similar to a race board with hardboots but has the comfort & versatility of a freestyle board & soft boots. So, this board carves beautifully and blows through the rough stuff at speed to boot. I'm thinking banked slalom beast for size 11+ boots. Camber! If you are a trickster too like Casey Willax, I am sure that the lively nature and snappy flex will not disappoint. This is a super high-quality board with all of the features one would expect from a pro-level ride. But at the price of a much cheaper constructed board, especially with the CWILLAX10 discount code and free shipping. A comparably constructed production board in a retail shop was going to be over $700 with tax. Really! P.S. The Furloh Deep Camo graphic are boss.

Lindsey H.
United States United States

Amazing All Mountain Board

This board is the definition of an all purpose blade! This thing shreds powder, parks, and everything in between. The flex and pop are dreamy and the board feels super locked in at high speeds. This is the best all around board I’ve ridden. Do yourself a favor and get one!

Douglas W.
United States United States

Sick Board!!

Scotty is the best and his boards are A1! Free shipping and super fast delivery. Had me on the mountain in no time. Thank you!

Edward C.
United States United States

Double Barrel Dark Camo 156W

This thing is amazing! Used my Willax discount. After watching him shred these boards I pulled the trigger and got one to help a small company. And it was 100% worth the buy! Had to ride it before I could review it. I was extremely impressed by the overall look and construction of the deck. My first ride was at 0 degrees with a -20 degree wind chill. Living in MN we ride ice here. And I put this thing to the test in the park and runs. Carving was an absolute blast. The toe edge was a beast and first time riding with an A symmetrical heel edge. I could tell immediately how much better of an edge it could hold. Definitely gave the heel the confidence you want to have. For park and jumps it was very controllable. As the stiffness I really liked it, the deck is very responsive with great pop off with your ollie. I don't like noodle boards so the DB was the perfect board for the all mountain shredder! Looks 5 � Construction5 � Carve ability 5 � Median stiff and very controllable. Highly recommend if you want to break away from the big box brands. Will be buying more Lago boards for sure! Congrats Lago team on the good work. -Ethan-

Andrea D.
United States United States

Double Barrell - The One Man Army

I preordered this board a few months back, Scotty was great on communicating delays due to Supply Chain issues and continued to provide ETA's until the board hit my doorstep. The graphics are SICK. First day on hill was a dream, a ton of pop and exceeded all expectations. Will be looking to grab a LAGO powder board soon. If you're looking for one board to do it all on, this is it. Held it's own all across the mountain.

Bayley C.
United States United States

Unicorn Deck -160w

I’ve got about 5 days on this deck and it’s quickly becoming my quiver favorite. Im 6’5, 240 11 boot. I got the deck to work on my freestyle game and switch, day 1 rigged it with Union contact pros and k2 thraxis boots at +15/-15 reference stance and hated the **** out of it. Couldn’t get the deck to engage on edge, wasn’t nimble and felt catchy AF. So went back to the lab and on day 2 put a pair of Katanas on to pick up some stiffness and bumped the bindings in one boot set to tighten the stance (still at 15/-15 with thraxis) and the deck came alive. I could carve deeper and was more comfortable throwing switch and getting airborne then any previous deck. The edge hold is tremendous and the asym side cut makes carving a pleasure. The pop of the nose and tail are incredibly predictable and snappy. Going off a lip or flat hopping the board just pops. Finally the deck a full camber makes it a pleasure for carving bigger lines. I’ve taken the deck into a few extremes at crested butte (paradise cliffs, peel, forest) and the deck just grips when you need that camber hold End of the day if you are a intermediate/advanced rider who wants a sick looking deck that will be a joy at freestyle, carving and freestyle focused freeride look no further. One final plug, It was also nice to support a smaller brand, there were some shipping delays on the deck (like everyone) got a email from Lago (said it was Scotty actually) giving me time lines, sent a few emails back and forth about binding choice and setup and had emails back within an hour or two. Amazing customer serving so far

United States United States

156w Double barrel Forloh graphic

First of all shout out Casey Willax Cvlogs for helping me find this gem of a snowboard company. Biggest thing I could say about this board is it almost makes turns on the mountains seem effortless. The wide model was a game changer for me and I can lay into my turns much harder. I literally ride the whole mountain with this thing and I’m always so stoked to be riding such a solid board from a solid company. Shout out Scotty Lago and all hands that help get these masterpieces to the snowboarding community!!! Cheers guys!!

Robert S.
United States United States